Captova can capture data from almost any type of document.

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The Age of Digitalization

We are at the dawn of a new era; the age of digitalization is upon us. The old paper-driven processes must be replaced by data-driven ones.

Digitalization is not an option but a must for organizations seeking to leverage their vast untapped data lurking in their documents.

Intelligent Data Capture and Intelligent Document Processing improve operational efficiency and provide a competitive edge.

Captova takes you from Digitization to Digitalization

Digitization is simply the process of changing from analog to digital form, also known as digital enablement. For example, scanning a photo or document into an image.

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies such as Captova to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. It is the process of moving to a digital business.

Captova Engines

A document’s image goes through various Captova engines during data capture.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine converts text to machine-readable data.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engine extends OCR to contextual algorithms.

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) engine captures specific information from documents such as invoice number from bills.

Unlock Embedded Data

Our unique digitalization technology can unlock valuable data embedded in your unstructured documents.

It’s the age of digitalization, and we have the edge in digitalization to help you access your hidden assets.

Harness Your Enterprise Data

There’s valuable data hidden in your disparate documents from which you can derive immense insight and bring value to your business.

Captova can effectively apply machine learning to the task of digitization and extraction from complex documents and images.

High Cost of

Unstructured Data

Most of the data embedded in enterprise operations is still largely unstructured, and there’s a high cost of labor-intensive effort involved in managing this data.

For operational efficiency, this data must be freed up so it can flow through the organization and its data warehouse. Often fresh Business Intelligence insights are uncovered from this data, which in turn often improve operational decisions and enable new product offerings.

Eliminate Manual

Data Entry Errors

The 1-10-100 data entry rule comes from the notion that if it costs $1 to prevent bad data from entering the system, it costs 10 times more to fix the error once it has entered the system; worse still, it costs 100 times more if a business chooses not to fix the error.

Once our Machine Learning Models have been trained to recognize your invoices, data capture is fully automated and accurate.

Avalanche of Invoices

Every year, almost 530 billion invoices are generated globally, out of which 85% are unstructured PDF or paper documents in a multitude of formats.

Captova can extract unstructured data from any type of invoice or email, and then standardize that data into a structured format.

Captova can provide customized invoice capture solutions in such a way that it provides maximum privacy, security and reduced cost per transaction (CPT) through automated data entry.

Privacy & Security

We don’t outsource invoice data entry to offshore human sweat shops.

No human eyeballs. Our AI-driven invoice data capture is fully automated.

Your invoices are protected from being circulated in the fraudulent fake-invoice market.

Captova Benefits

  • Reduce operating costs by automating manual tasks and deploying a single input platform.

  • Improve information quality by classifying, extracting, and verifying data based on a common set of business rules

  • Accelerate business processes by reducing exception processing and enhancing customer relationships.

  • Reduce compliance risks by controlling the flow of each incoming document and connecting each document with its business transaction.

Tailored OCR Solutions

We work with you. We listen to your requirements. Then we quickly develop custom Machine Learning Models which are specifically designed to meet your needs.

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